UV/Rash Suit GIRL

UV/Rash Suit GIRL

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NEW FABRIC!  Light weight Polyester blend with micro-holes so its much more cooler and breathable for summer.  Still has UPF rating of 50+ and good for allergy suits also. 

We still have the original Lycra option available, if preferred, in the colour selection.(Limited stock due to this being a deleted fabric)

The UV sunsuits cover all of pooches body for maximum sun protection, and grass/alergy prevention. Made of 50+ UPF (highest rating) UV protective polyester, so it's nice and stretchy & light weight. Ribbing is around the neck, legs and tummy/rear area, with plenty of opening for toileting. Click on the picture to see the underside (you will see it covers the most vunerable area of the inner thighs, which is prone to sun cancers). Keeps pooch cool when wet, so great for the beach in summer. Easy to put and keep on.

  • Choose colour from Drop-down menu when ordering size.
  • Note Dog's neck, tummy and chest measurements if possible in the “Note” box at the checkout. 

Many customers have had great success with preventing any new skin cancers on their dogs since using the suits. These are a great idea to help keep the vet bills down!