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Snoodie scarf

Snoodie scarf

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These super cute, seasonal dog accessories are perfect for the fashion conscious pooch in your life!

Snood scarfs, are jersey knit fabric, or Fleece comes in 3 colours:  Camouflage: Grey, Green,

Sizes XL 46 - 56 cm (18 - 22in), L  38 - 50 cm (15 - 20) M 33 - 45 cm (13-18) S 25- 35 cm (10-14) XS 17-27 cm (7 -11)

Please measure you dog head in front of there ears and down to the collar bone around wides part of the neck.

Please send notes what colour and material eg jersey or fleece.


Free postage only in Australia for snoodies.

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