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UV/Rash Singlet UNISEX(Plus TRI-PAWDS)

UV/Rash Singlet UNISEX(Plus TRI-PAWDS)

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Light weight Polyester blend with micro-holes so its much more cooler and breathable for summer.  UPF rating of 50+ and good for allergy suits also. 

Made from 50+ UPF UV protective Polyester lycra with ribbing at the arms, neck and tummy. This singlet is great for him or her to wear at the beach, out walkies, or anywhere for protection from the sun. Perfect for dogs with white fur to stop burns on their pink skin, or dogs prone to rashes and allergies (eg Grass and pollen).

Does not cover the full groin, inner thighs and armpits.  See the "UV Suits" instead.

Many customers have had great success with preventing any new skin cancers on their dogs since using the suits. These are a great idea to help keep the vet bills down!

Great for all types of dogs. Dachshunds, whippets, Staffies and your Cat too.

TRIPAWDS:Please send a picture which side of the limb is missing. 

UV Singlet as references.

Size Length Chest Tummy         Neck
XXS 20cm/8" 30cm/12" 30cm/12" 15-30cm/6-12″
XS 25cm/10" 40cm/16"0 32cm/12.5" 20/25cm/8-14″
S 30cm/12" 45cm/17.5" 34cm/14" 25-35cm/10-14″
M 35cm/14" 55cm/21.5" 40cm/16" 25-35cm/10-14″
L 40cm/16" 60cm/23.5" 48cm/18" 30-45cm/12-18″
XL 45cm/17.5" 65cm/25.5" 53cm/21" 30-45cm/12-18″
XL/2 50cm/20" 68cm/26.5"  55cm/21.5" 35-50cm/14-20″
XXL 55cm/21.5" 75cm/29.5" 60cm/23.5" 45-60cm/18-24″
XXL/2 60cm/23.5" 75cm/29.5" 65cm/25.5 50/60cm/20-24"
Super 65 65cm/25.5" 80cm/31.5" 65cm/25.5" 50/60cm/20-24"

For a references  my girls are XXL/55cm American X Staffies.  (American,Pitty staffies)

NOTE: These are Australian hand-made to order.

No refund or exchanges will be offered for incorrect measurements.

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